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Mission Statement

Musical Theatre


David Green's


MUSICAL THEATRE UNIVERSITY provides  advanced, comprehensive, pre-professional training in the craft of Musical Theatre to talented and motivated young people with aspirations for careers in theatre in a small, safe and nurturing environment. 



  • Is committed to maintaining a small, intensive, nurturing musical theatre training program with the highest level of individual instruction and professional level performance and exhibition opportunities for every student.

  • Celebrates diversity and is committed to artistic integrity and the freedom of creative expression in all endeavors.

  • Respects the dignity and value of each individual and conducts all instruction, business and activities in a moral, ethical and professional manner.

  • Provides students with professional level instructional and performance opportunities under the direction of professional working artist-teachers in preparation for successful entry into both institutions of higher education and/or careers in the professional theatrical industry.

  • Is committed to an instructional and performance based program that is innovative and “state of the art”. It provides students with unique and cutting edge tools, techniques and opportunities.

  • Is committed to an environment that fosters and inspires the creative spirit, passion and vision of students, faculty and administration.

  • Believes that a positive educational experience for its students must be the principal and highest consideration in all organizational decision making and development.

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